Atmodas Street House No. 15


Atmodas Street around 1896
Atmodas Street around 1896
Atmodas Street in 2014
Atmodas Street in 2014


Now let's look at a postcard building with an attic on the former № 15 Lielā (The Big) Street.

In 1836, Franz Karl Straus, a private teacher living at 13 Atmodas Street, bought the right of Friedrich Wilhelm Antonowitsch's pledge on the so-called Catholic Square - a large plot of land belonging to the Vecpils (Altenburg) Roman Catholic Church - for 100 Rubles. Antonowitsch himself had acquired these rights in 1833.

In 1850, a Lease Agreement was concluded between the owner of this plot of land and the owner of Kalvene Manor, Baron K. von Fircks, that Straus rents the ground floor of his new house (built around 1840), a basement and a wood barn to Fircks for 160 Rubles a year for as long as the baron wishes.

As mentioned earlier (see - № 13 Atmodas Street), in 1879 Straus sold all his property at № 13 and № 15 Atmodas Street for 7,000 Rubles to the Mayor of Aizpute, Hermann Adolphi. № 13 Adolphi sold as early as 1887, but № 15 as collateral for 5,000 Rubles in 1896 to Marcus and Haja Bordehl.

In 1926, half of Bordehl's estate was inherited by his wife, the other half by Faiwusch Hirschhorn, in 1933 Hirschhorn also inherited the rest.

Immediately in 1896, Marcus Bordehl submitted a request to the Town Council to allow the facade to be rebuilt with two doors. The permit was obtained with the indication that the shop doors on both sides must be the same. Bordehl had a manufactured goods and haberdashery shop here.

Before the First World War, Jānis Kohs installed the first stationary cinema in Aizpute in the already mentioned Catholic Square. During the war, it was considered to be Theodor Glückmann's cinema. Then, at № 15 Atmodas Street, in addition to the already mentioned Bordehl, there was also the flea or junk shop of Schleim Miln and Pesse Piel’s hat workshop.

In 1919, there was a Jewish school here.

Stores of Bordehl and Piel were also here in the 1920s, only Abram Piel manages the hat shop instead of Pesse Piel. For some time, there was also A. Klocks's dish shop. In the second half of the 1920s there was a shop of Theodor Glückmann manufactured goods store and a shop of dishes and various goods of Leontīne Breschinsky. They were still in the 1930s, when Samuel (Schmuel) Hilelson traded meat and sausages here, Katrīna Upeniece had a small goods - toy store, Anna Rožkalne a tea room with 10 tables, Mordechaim Tuff a small goods and "ready-made clothes" store.

On October 15, 1936, the house burned down.


Atmodas Street around 1910
Atmodas Street around 1910
Atmodas Street in 2014
Atmodas Street in 2014


On the left side houses of Atmodas Street № 14, in the distance № 6, on the right - № 11, № 13 and № 15.





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