No 18 Kuldīgas Street


№ 18 Kuldīgas Street in the second half of the 1920s
№ 18 Kuldīgas Street in the second half of the 1920s
№ 18 Kuldīgas Street in 2014
№ 18 Kuldīgas Street in 2014


The first house was built here in 1798 by carpenter Werner Ephraim Paul, who was heavily in debt due to construction, so in the autumn of 1800, his and his wife's property was put up for auction. It was bought by Dr. med. Johann Heinrich Blumenthal, one of Paul's creditors.

In 1803, Blumenthal sold the house for 500 Talers to Johann Philipp Heyne, a doctor from Piltene District, who was born in Königsberg. After his death in 1808, the house was inherited by the widow Karoline Elizabeth Heyne. In 1811, Philipp von Hahn and his freed peasant and hunter Reinholds Valdmanis also lived here.

Once upon a time, this property was purchased by the shoemaker master Gablonsky, who in 1821 sold it for 1,066 2/3 Silver Rubles to Lieutenant Colonel Woldemar Eduard von Ziliacus.

In 1830, this plot of land was bought by carpenter Johann Ernst Bruder, who soon later built a new house here. Before the completion of the construction, Bruder sold the new building in 1833 for 2,400 Rubles to Pauline Tilling, the wife of Nikolaus Woldemar Tilling, the clerk of the Aizpute Supreme Court. The deal stipulated that construction had to be completed by 1839.

The newly built house was bought by Hermann Haring in 1846 and sold in 1852 to the wife of the District Court clerk, Ida von Bienenstamm, and in 1866 her heirs sold the house to Eduard Origis von Rutenberg.

In 1871, the house was bought by Alfons Göbels, the Secretary of the Aizpute Council, as the guardian of his wife Angelika, born von Bienenstamm.

The next owner became Dr. Rudolf von Grot (1835-1898) in 1874, who paid 3,300 Rubles for it, but in 1883 von Grot's estate was inherited by his sisters Minna, Anna and Maria von Grot. There has been Minna Grot’s private school for girls since 1876, which existed here until the First World War. As of January 1, 1914, it was a 2nd grade girls' private school with 54 schoolgirls and 6 teachers, including sisters Grots.

In 1920, the part of Maria was inherited by Minna and Anna, but in 1921 Anette-Therese Ernestine von Grot became the heir.

In 1922, the plot of land with the buildings on it was bought for 8,000 Latvian Rubles by the Jewish educational association "Haskolo" and Aizpute Jewish primary school - Aizpute Town Jewish Primary School with 6 grades was in the house shown in the photo.

After 1941, it was a residential house.





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