No 24 Kuldīgas Street


No 24 Kuldīgas Street around 1910
No 24 Kuldīgas Street around 1910
No 24 Kuldīgas Street in 2014
No 24 Kuldīgas Street in 2014

This plot of land was bought in 1837 for 500 Silver Rubles from Lewin Falkenhoff by the notary Alexander Zimmermann, who built a residential house here in 1841, which in 1848 was sold to Karoline von Koskull for 4,000 Rubles.

In 1852 the property was acquired by the heirs of von Koskull. After repurchasing their shares from the other heirs for 4,000 Rubles, the sole owner became a wife of Dr. Kemmler Friedriche (Karoline), born Koskull.

In 1864, the house was bought for 5,000 Rubles by the Duke Court's Attorney General J. von Groth, from whom in 1879 it was bought by Baron Paul von Roenne for 6,000 Rubles, who in 1908 sold his Kuldīgas Street property to the German Union of Courland on the basis of an oral agreement. The contract was officially concluded in 1911, registered in 1912. In 1914, Baron Kurt von Manteuffel bought 1/13 of this property for 400 Rubles.

The Aizpute Branch of the German Union set up the so-called German House here. Already in the middle of August 1908, Aizpute German Private School moved here - a 2-grade (later 3-grade) elementary school with 4 (6) departments, which was opened here until the First World War. In 1914, the school had 4 teachers and 44 pupils.

There were also teachers' apartments, a library and a kindergarten.

During the First World War, the building was used for the apartments of officers of the German army in Aizpute.

When independent Latvia was established, Aizpute's 6 grade German Primary School was here, but the house was still owned by the German Union of Courland.

In 1924, the primary school occupied 5 rooms. Baron Paul von Fircks had a five-room apartment here, and 3 apartments for teachers in five other rooms.

In 1926, the liquidation commission of the previously mentioned Union concluded a property donation agreement with the German Parents' Union in Latvia, and in 1937 the German Parents' Union repurchased from Kurt Manteuffel his 1/13.

The school closed in the autumn of 1939 due to German repatriation.

In 1940, the 2nd Aizpute Town Primary School (Classes I-IV) was moved to the vacated premises, which until then was forced to work in the premises of the 1st Primary School (Classes I-VI) at 22 Atmodas (Awakening) Street as an afternoon or second shift school. In the autumn of 1945, the two schools were merged, and the first two classes of the incomplete Secondary School of Aizpute were located here.

Nowadays - a municipal residential house.





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